Comprehensive Adult Audiological Assessments
  • Pure Tone Audiometry.
  • Tympanometry & Acoustic Reflexes.
  • Audiological Speech Assessments.
  • ENT and GP referrals for appropriate medical intervention, including cochlear implant and BAHA referrals.
  • Hearing aid and assistive listening device recommendations.
  • Work related hearing assessments including Pre- Employment Hearing Tests.
Hearing Aid Fittings
  • Free hearing aid recommendations for all clients.
  • Try on ‘dummy’ devices for comfort and aesthetic check prior to aid selection.
  • Free fitting and follow up services.
  • Comprehensive rehabilitative support.
  • 30 day money back guarantee on all fittings.
  • Payment Plan options.
Special Offers
  • Free hearing aid programming updates and audiological support for the life of the hearing aids.
  • Free year supply of batteries with all private fittings.