Leading Providers of the World’s Most Advanced and Totally Hidden Hearing Aids

We guarantee vast improvements in your hearing ability and situations of difficulty or your money back

How do we do It?

Our name, A1 Discreet Hearing Aids is there for good reason. We are leaders in fitting discreet, miniature hearing aid solutions.

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Comprehensive Tests

We undergo the most comprehensive audiological assessment for an accurate hearing loss diagnosis prior to making hearing aid recommendations.


Technology matters! Not only do we utilise the world’s most advanced hearing aid manufacturer, but we only fit tried, tested and proven hearing aid products from their range.

Always Automatic

In almost all instances we fit and set up our hearing aids to be fully automatic. This means no adjustments are required by the wearer, just insert and forget. Unless required, we opt to always keep things simple, so you can get on with hearing well without any fuss.


We offer all of our clients the option between a device which is hidden completely inside the ear canal (CIC), or a discreet slim fit “behind the ear” device (BTE). We also supply an even smaller device which is invisible inside the ear canal (IIC) to suitable candidates.

Our Services

We are a full service audiology clinic providing an extensive range of hearing aids and assistive listening devices, full audiometric evaluations, GP and appropriate ENT referrals for medical intervention, including cochlear implant and BAHA referrals.

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Comprehensive Adult Audiological Assessments


Hearing Aid Fittings & Recommendations


Free Hearing Aid Programming Updates


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Client Testimonials
  • “ I am so pleased I decided to finally do something about my hearing. I was having trouble hearing my wife clearly, particularly if she spoke to me from a distance. With my new hearing aids, everything is now so sharp and clear. I am no longer asking others to repeat themselves. ”

    Richard, Palm Beach
  • “ My new set of hearing aids are a vast improvement over the previous ones. Not only is the sound quality crystal clear, but they are so small yet comfortable. I can now hear my grandchildren’s soft voices again, which is bliss. ”

    Peter, Clear Island Waters
  • “ Over the years my hearing gradually decreased. I was unaware of it at first, but my family started to notice and I knew I had to address it. I honestly don’t know why I hesitated, as my new hearing aids are so discreet, no one knows I am wearing them. Suddenly I am hearing things I haven’t heard in years, particularly all the birds in the garden. Best of all I am not asking my family to repeat themselves anymore. ”

    Sonya, Hope Island
  • “ I particularly noticed I was struggling to hear in a group situation, yet I felt my hearing was ok for other situations throughout the day. On discovering I had a hearing loss in the high frequency range, I decided to go ahead and try some hearing aids, and WOW! What a difference! Now I hear everything! It has been life changing. ”

    Annalise, Burleigh Heads