Why our hearing aids are the best.

Globally there are over ten predominant hearing aid manufacturers. This means that hearing specialists have an enormous range of hearing aid products from which they can select for a customer.

At A1 Discreet Hearing Aids, we are tried and tested with the manufacturers and hearing devices which we fit to our clientele, and are advocates for fitting only premium, proven technology.

This means that when you are fitted with a hearing aid by us, you are guaranteed to be fitted with the world’s best technology.

We supply hearing aids that have;

  • Microchips that hold the world’s most advanced processing speeds.
  • Premium software programming capabilities.
  • Devices that come first in comfort, style and discretion.

In fact one of our supplied hearing aids has recently won an International Design Award and earned the prestigious Red Dot Award: Product Design 2015. To read more about this product click the attached link. http://unitron.com/content/unitron/au/en/about/news-release-standalone-pages/news-moxifit-reddot-20150428.html