There are several different styles of hearing aids. Our hearing specialists can recommend a style which is appropriate to suit your type and level of hearing loss as well as one which meets your cosmetic requirements. Most often you will also have a choice regarding the style of hearing aid which you feel most comfortable with.


CIC: This is a completely in the canal hearing aid. It sits discreetly within the ear canal itself and is suitable for mild to severe hearing loss.


IIC: This is an even smaller CIC device as it sits more deeply within the ear canal. You must have an appropriately sized ear canal to be suitable for this device.


CRT: This is a very small behind the ear instrument. The receiver attached allows the speaker to be placed deeply inside the ear canal which creates a very natural sound quality for the wearer.


OTE: This is the traditional design of an open fit behind the ear instrument. It allows the ear to remain open and allows the user the benefits of utilizing their natural hearing, as well as the benefits of the hearing aid. Both CRT and OTE instruments are very comfortable to wear.