Pensioners and Veterans

If you hold a Pensioner Concession Card, A Veteran’s Gold Card, or a Sickness Allowance from Centrelink, or are a dependent of a card holder, then you are eligible for the Hearing Services Program in Australia.

Members of the Australian Defense Force or the Disability Employment Services Program may also be eligible.

You will be entitled to subsidised hearing services through the Office of Hearing Services Government Program. These services include free audiological assessments, and access to subsidised hearing aids if required.

If you would like to access these services, please call us on 0755 786 669, and provide us with your Name, Address, D.O.B and Concession Card details, and we will begin to process your application for you. We can also make you an appointment with a hearing specialist for your free hearing consultation.

Private Health Insurance

If you hold extras cover with a private health fund then you will likely have some level of cover for hearing aids.

You can contact your health fund to find out how much cover is available for the purchase of hearing aids. Some funds pay up to $2000. Alternatively we can contact your health fund for you following your hearing test to confirm the cover you are entitled to.

Senior Card Holders

As a Senior Card Holder, we offer you free ongoing care and assistance for the life of your hearing aids. This means that if your hearing changes over time, we will retest your hearing and reprogram your hearing aids to match your latest test at no cost.  Hearing aids last approximately 5-6 years, which means ongoing assistance and programming updates are a very important consideration.

Senior Card Holders also receive discounts on 10 pack battery purchases.