Lyndon Hudson

Managing Audiometrist

Lyndon completed university qualifications at Griffith University in Music and Business in 2001. His interest in sound production and technology led him to the field of audiology shortly after.

Lyndon is an advocate for comprehensive hearing loss diagnosis and client centered care. He also believes in providing fundamental advice, recommendations and support to all clients based on their hearing test results and hearing rehabilitative needs.

Lyndon’s strong passion for audiology and helping those with hearing loss has seen him become one of the most well-liked and respected hearing specialists on the Gold Coast. He is now General Manager and Audiometrist at A1 Discreet Hearing Aids.

More About Lyndon
  • “ Having a customer come back for a review after a hearing aid fitting and hearing how their lives have changed really makes my day. It is so rewarding to be able to help others each day through addressing all of their hearing concerns and creating and executing a plan to achieve all their hearing goals. ”

    Lyndon Hudson
  • “ I am such an advocate for embracing technology. Hearing aid technology today is at a whole new level than it was ten years ago. I like to demonstrate to my customers how the technology and features in a hearing aid are going to work to help them to hear clearly in the situations they struggle in. ”

    Lyndon Hudson

Suzanne Porter

Managing Audiologist

Suzanne completed a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology in 2005. Her passion for working with people and a love of science led her to the field of Audiology.

She completed a Master in Audiology Studies at the University of Qld in 2007.

Suzanne has since worked for a number of hearing service providers, including eighteen months studying under highly experienced Audiologists and Ear Nose and Throat Surgeons with the Government affiliated company Australian Hearing.

Suzanne now works as Managing Audiologist with A1 Discreet Hearing Aids, and holds a certificate of clinical practice with Audiology Australia.

More About Suzanne
  • “ I knew I had made the right career choice when I fitted a lady with a severe hearing loss with hearing aids for the first time. To see the surprise on her face when she could sit there and hold a quiet conversation with her husband without asking him to repeat himself, was just so fulfilling. ”

    Suzanne Porter
  • “ I like to keep things simple for my clients. The process of getting a hearing aid should be insightful, but also straight forward. Correctly selecting a device to suit a client, which is simple to manage, discreet and comfortable, allows me to focus on addressing a client’s hearing goals. I can then make sure their devices are programmed correctly and that they have all the strategies required to hear speech clearly in the most difficult listening environments.”

    Suzanne Porter
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